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Phresh has four(4) company divisions mini, youth, teens and adults.  Teams are usually broken up by age/skill level. All companies are  trained on the elements of hip-hop dance. Companies are create to built team work, confidence, and help built professionalism. Check the Bio of each company and it history below.

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Mini Phresh is our entry level training program for dancers ages 6+

Jumpstart your dancer's future with training in Hip-hop foundation, choreography, tumbling, performance and competition experience! We'll provide your dancer will all the tools they'll need to build confidence and grow.

Phreshest Kids are group of dancers ages  12+ who train under the foundation of hip-hop dance. Knowing hip-hop isn't just a bunch of moves you see on MTV, we strive to teach them the culture of hip-hop and it's roots. Giving them challenging routines, by helping them grow individually and as an unit. 


Phresh believes that our programs help build confidence, teamwork and professionalism within each dancer. We make sure our kids know, no matter your age you can always set a goal for yourself big or small. As of date some of our kids has worked in today's industry as a professional dance/entertainer, from traveling and performing on Boardway Musicals to dancing next to Justin Bieber. These kids are the future and we strive to give them the best and not limit them.

Creative Monsterz is the youth professional company of I AM PHRESH Dance Academy. It's members include kids of ages 15-18 and a diversity of talents, nationalities, and personalities. Being only one year young and under the tutelage of creator, “Smart Mark” Boston and Shanika Boston, Creative Monsters have won first place in three national championships, including World of Dance NY 2013! Members have reached other high accolades, such as winning scholarships to Monsters of Hip Hop and Pulse Conventions, being signed to talent agencies, or gaining admission to performing arts schools.


2nd PLace World of Dance Champions 2023

Prelude New York 2014 2nd Place Winners

Represented and signed by Dance Agencies In New York City and Los Angelos

Monster's of Hip-hop Scholarships

Pulse Scholarships

CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts High School)

Benjamin Franklin Preforming Arts

U.S.A Tour Brothers of the Knight Tour (Debbie Allen)

Academy of Phresh | 2nd Place Team Division | World of Dance New Jersey 2023

Academy of Phresh | 2nd Place Team Division | World of Dance New Jersey 2023

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Academy of Phresh is our Adult Training Program. With an eclectic blend of talent hailing from all different dance backgrounds AOP train together with one goal in mind, to merge them all and to have a PHRESH state of mind. From the coast where hip-hop was originated, there is no wonder why this east coast company is deeply rooted in hip-hop's foundation, which is breakin', old school (social dance) and even funk style, poppin', lockin' and house. One of their focus points is "to be a student first," they are always in pursuit of reaching the next level. With that mantra, they have diligently pushed themselves to strive for a better "AOP". Academy of Phresh continues to grow and has had phenomenal success with Prelude titles, World of Dance Championships, Professionally booked jobs and more..
Exuding talent and passion on ANY stage, Phresh is labeled as one of the BEST.


Academy of Phresh  is trained by some of the industry's top choreographers and dancers. Their skills and talents can be seen on Randy Jackson' Americas Best Dance Crew season 2, NFL films and BET to name a few. Nationally, no companies have also bear witness to what AOP has to offer like Campbell's Soup, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, and Vitamin Water.

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