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I AM PHRESH DANCE ACADEMY is the first and only hip-hop based dance studio in the tri-state area. We are dedicated to the love, passion and life of dance. Our company's mission statement is to train and create dancers of the future.


We offer training in hip-hop, breakin', funk styles, krumpin', house, jazz, ballet, tap , contemporary and much more. We welcome all ages; kids, teenagers, and adults, to train in all levels of dance. Classes are specifically designed to help build teamwork, confidence, and leadership.

I AM PHRESH DANCE ACADEMY isn’t your typical dance studio, we have shaped PHRESH as a brand and we are known around the world. We do not believe we are the best because we are known. Instead, we truly believe we are the best because we have immense support from our families. We are here to provide more than just a class, but to provide an open door and to jumpstart your dance career.

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Some of our dancers have reached get accomplishments by being able to tour, feature on Television, been on national commercials and perform on stages at the biggest award shows.

MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

Debbie Allen's Brother's of the Knight

Ronald Dahl: Matilda The Musical

NFL Superbowl Spot Commercial

Jordan Brand Commercial

Teen's Choice Awards

Target Commercials 

Worked with Artist as


Justin Bieber

Chris Brown

Missy Elliott

Jonas Brother

Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo)

Daddy Yankee

Mariah Carey


Gwen Stefani

Becky G

Lil Dicky

Macklemore and more...

As a whole the Phresh comapny has won top awards

and is known for being one of the best hip-hop companies in the US.


  • World Of Dance Champions New York 2013

  • World Of Dance Champions New Jersey 2014

  • World of Dance Champion New York 2017

  • East Coast Dance Competition 2016 and 2017

  • Prelude Champions  2014, 2015, 2016



  • We are professional educators in the art of dance.

  • Teaches authentic hip-hop and new urban dance styles.

  • This is the ONLY studio in the Tri-state area that cross multicultural boundaries.

  • Learn from Masters in the dance industry and creators of Hip-hop dance.

  • Connected with the industry's top dancers and agencies.


  • A place that has no age limit on a dancer that is able to advance at a young level.

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