CDC Guidelines

Revised Class Schedule

We have revised our in-studio children schedule to allow time for dancers to exit and enter the space in a safe manner. Entrance and Exit doors will be specifically labeled. Dancers are asked to disinfect their hands before and after class with the hand sanitizers placed by each studio or by washing your hands thoroughly in our restrooms. Classes have been modified to allow 15 minutes between each class. During this transition, the barres and floor of the studio will be disinfected. Parents are reqiured to be on time to pick up kid after class. There will be no waiting in the lobby.

Classes are limited  and all dancers must wear a mask. Floor will be taped to ensure dancers are spaced 6 feet apart while dancing. At the discretion of each teacher, the class might allow for across-the-floor combinations. Traveling combinations will be done in groups of 3 max, and dancers are asked to keep a 6 feet distance when waiting for your turn.


Please read carefully before arriving for class…

  • Everyone MUST wear a mask when inside the building. These areas include our lobby, waiting areas, and dance studios before/during/after class. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask while dancing, please consider taking our classes virtually.

  • Teachers and staff will be required to adhere to a temperature check prior to conducting business/class to verify everyone’s temperature is below 100.4.

  • Dancers are encouraged to wear dance attire upon arrival and limit time spent in changing rooms/restrooms.

  • Dancers must sanitize hands prior to entering the studio for class and upon leaving class.

  • All dance classes will be slightly shortened to allow for proper cleaning and sanitation between classes.